Wine & Food

Burgundy, Beaujolais, Chablis, Chenin blanc, champagne, sake.

My current wishlist for SF restaurants are Lazy Bear, Benu, and Avery.


I am partial to sativa and CBD flowers (no indica, please). Blue Dream and AC/DC are some of my favorites. I would be thrilled to be able to smoke out of one of these beauties.


US size 4, small, 26” waist


Shoe 7 US, 37 Euro


Gift certificates from my favorite stores are always appreciated:

Zana Bayne

Maya Jewelry

Sisters of the Black Moon

Mr. S Leather

Rich Love Fetish

Hopeless Lingerie


Amoeba Records


In lieu of gifts, I also deeply appreciate donations to any of the following organizations:

St. James Infirmary - An occupational health and safety clinic, located in San Francisco.

Bay Area Workers Support - Bay Area organization that advocates for the health and safety of workers in the wake of the SESTA/FOSTA legislation.

Rainforest Action Network - Grassroots organization focusing on policy and activism to maintain healthy global ecosystems and promote human dignity.